Americano tournaments

This is a 8 player ‘King/Queen of the court” type tournament, where you play a fixed set of points (usually 24) with 7 different partners. Matches will end 14-10, 13-11, 12-12 etc. After the matches, you add up all the points won by each player with the different partners. The player with the most total points win. This is a very fun and social way of playing padel, and getting to know other players.

Riga Padel League


This is a monthly 4 team per division league. You and your partner are placed in a division with 3 other teams. Every team plays each other(3 matches in 4 weeks) and after the round, the winner advances to the next division above, while the loser gets relegated to the division below. This is the best way of finding your true level, and also finding out which other players are your level. Best of all, Riga Padel League is FREE of CHARGE.

General Rules:

Matches are played best of 3 sets. At 1-1 you can choose to play a Super Tie-break (up to 10), or continue with Set 3. Game time can not exceed 90 minutes.

If the score is 1-1 at full time, the team with more games in the third set wins. If after 85 minutes, for example 1-1 and 3-3, we recommend playing a No-Set Tie-break" to 7 points.


Point distribution:

2-0 3 points

2-1 2 points, 1 point losers

1-1 1 point each

WO 2 points

No-show 2 points for the winners, -2 points for the losers (this is the case when a team does not cancel and don't show up). After a round robin (3 matches), the winners of the division are promoted to the higher division, and the last place team gets relegated to the lower division. A team may be represented by registered players or a substitute player. Substitute players can be either a player who does not participate in another team of the Riga Padel League, as well as another RPL team player from the same or lower division. And yes, this means that one player as a substitute player can represent multiple teams in one division. It's all aimed at avoiding rescheduling matches, but to play as planned but with a substitute. The results should be registered on the RPL website by the teams themselves. Or send the result to mob 2828593.Try to play at least 1 game / week. It is allowed to play 2 or more games per day. It is advisable to use the new balls, but not necessary. A team can not refuse to play with new balls if the second team wants it.