Padel Club Riga is first and only indoor padel Club in Latvia established by two racket sport enthusiasts: Aleks Pavulans and Detlef Wichels.

Trying padel first time they fell in love and understood this “easy to start to get exiting game” must be available in Latvia. Padel Tennis is one of the fastest growing sport game in world and why not here?! With a positive view to padel development we made four courts. These courts we chose to build in a place which is easy to access for everyone- Riga center with easy access with Public Transportation. To start the game we have all needed conditions: trainers, equipment and affordable prices.

We find it attractive:

1. Very easy to play,
2. Low priced (4 people per game),
3. High fun factor,
4. Not physically demanding high level,
5. Promotes highly the social relations,
6. Suitable for all ages.

Welcome to the Padel!