Padel rules

Padel is almost always played in pairs, 2 against 2, totally 4 players in game.
The score in padel is the same as in tennis, i.e. 15, 30, 40 and game, with deuce at 40-40. You win the game only with two point difference. If the set score is 6-6, a tie-break is played, which would go up to seven games scored with two games of difference.
The first service is played from the right-hand side and will then switch between left and right. The ball shall bounce once after the central service line. Then you serve from below your waist level. The service should bounce directly in the opponent’s receiving box located diagonally. After that, the ball may bounce on the wall, but may not touch the metallic fencing (fault service). The receiver can decide whether to play the ball back before or after the ball touches the wall. As soon as the ball has bounced correctly on the receiving box and is correctly returned back, both court halves of 10x10 may be used. If the ball hits the net on the first or second service and lands afterwards in the receiving box, the service shall be repeated.
During the rallies the ball may touch the field only once. The player may choose whether to let the ball bounce or to volley. If the ball touched the wall or the metallic fencing first before it bounced into the field, it is a fault. After the ball has bounced, it may touch the wall or the metallic fencing once or several times before it is played back again. The receiver may hit the ball directly back to the opponent’s area or play it back using the side or back walls. If the ball hits the metallic fencing before it reaches the net, it is a fault. If the ball is sent above the wall (4 meters high) or the metallic fencing (3 meters high), it is a point. The game follows these rules, until the ball bounces twice on the court or a player somehow fails to follow the rules.