Padel history

Once in 1965 the billionaire Don Enrique Corcuera from Acapulco, Mexico built a special tennis court matching the available size in his backyard. The backyard was too small, so Padel was born. The first court in Europe was built in Marbella 1968. From Spain the Padel sport found his way 1976 to the famous „Ocean Club" in Mar del Plata in Argentina, where members built a Padel court. Today more than six Million players enjoying Padel on over 40.000 courts in Argentina. In Spain the Padel boom started in the mid 90's. In Madrid you can play on over 14.000 padel courts today. Till 2017 Spain established more than 60.000 padel courts.

Today Spain and Argentina are the leading nations, but many other countries follow. Italy, Portugal, France or England have already a strong league. Last years the Padel boom reached North Europe, Sweden for example built more than 500 courts in 2017/2018. And the boom does not stop. Our neighbors are active as well, Lithuania established 36 courts last years. Estonians have nice indoor courts in Tallinn. Latvia follows now. 2018 Padel Club Riga was host of the first Baltic battle!