Padel tennis is know as sport for all ages and we been noticing not only adults have fun but also kids get excited about padel. The simplicity of this sport makes it extremely attractive for everyone. The main focus is the MOTIVATION and the FUN FACTOR of this trendy sport.

PADEL helps kids on:

  • physical development;

  • Improves coordination and agility;

  • reflexes;

  • endurance;

  • teamwork.




The emotional benefits of Padel promote also values such as making friendship, finding contact, responsibility and discipline. All these are essential for the daily life of the kids. The kids learn to solve problems and make decisions quickly and efficiently. Everything with a lot of FUN and in a HEALTHY environment.

Riga Padel Club academy is made as alternative non productive screen-time. We motivate kids to be active by doing sports.       

Current Padel Academy scheduled trainings (subject to changes, please check in regularly):

Mondays: 15:00 (8-9 years);

Tuesdays: 15:00-18:00;

Wednesdays: 15:00-18:00;

Thursdays: 15:00-18:00;

Monthly fee: 50 EUR (or 10 EUR per visit).

Padel for kids